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The House factory is an unit which produce high-quality buildings in a shortest span of time. In today’s world, time is the essence of the project. Moreover, the construction quality of factory-made building is unmatched. We produce factory-made buildings and components of building where the skeleton is manufactured at factory and later installed at site with minimum work done at site, i.e. foundations which are casted in either masonry or R.C.C. depending upon soil conditions. Both Vernacular and modern concepts can be constructed and casted with highest level of quality and minimum possible time. In simple words, a project of fifty cottages and fifty units resort in hilly terrains can be delivered in twelve month time including site development. We’ve setup equipped with latest machines required for pre-engineered buildings.

cottage a`.jpg
Jagjit nagar.jpg


  • Heavy Duty CNC Cutting Machines

  • 3D Printer and Model Maker

  • CLC Wall Panel Manufacturing Unit

  • Metal Bending Press

  • Wood Planer

  • Marble Cutter

  • Concrete Mixer

  • Lifts

  • Other necessary machines, tools and equipments.

Benefits of Pre-fabrication:

  • Unaffected by weather conditions.

  • Ready to install at site.

  • Better Planning.

  • Machine Cut Precise Finish.

  • Completion in shortest span of time.

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